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Progress Isn’t Easy

I finished my book entitled The Gemini Keys and was all ready to self publish it. But, now I have an agent so I can't just self publish, I have to run everything by him. I don't mind doing that.…

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Circle of Seven-The Immortal King

Circle of Seven: The Immortal King

The book is out! It’s been nearly 20 years since I wrote this book. Originally it was just called Circle of Seven and was the first in a series. But, I dragged my feet and someone else came up with…

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Keeper of Souls

Keeper of Souls – A Discussion of the final Faith Healer’s Daughters book

Some Spoilers Ahead! Elizabeth was always going to be different.  She was dark, more mature, more isolated.  She’d been brainwashed by her cult-leader father and in the first two books was actually a villain.  In Keeper of the Dead, the…

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Keeper of the Light

The Faith Healer’s Daughters – What Age is this YA for?

The Faith Healer’s Daughters is a trilogy, so there are three books.  It is considered a young adult and often I’m asked what age the book is written for.  It’s really hard to say for sure since everyone is different. …

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