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Dog Fight
Dog Fight

For over 200 years the immortal creature, Adam Frankenstein, has roamed the earth looking to earn a soul and his right to die. Now, a U.S. Marshal in Houston, Texas he wakes in the middle of nowhere, near death. As the Grim Reaper reaches out to grant Adam’s wish to end his immortal journey Adam must refuse.

The only love he has ever known is his immortal dog, Bella. She is missing. Adam knows she’s been taken by evil men who run a dog fighting ring. His worry isn’t that Bella would be killed, but that it would be discovered that she cannot die, no matter what they do to her.

Adam’s partner, U.S. Marshal Rebecca Hughes, is his moral compass, his touchstone and now, the keeper of his secret. Adam and Rebecca work together to find Bella before she’s forced into the ring. Before it’s discovered that she can’t be killed.

Adam Frankenstein: Dog Fight has some mature themes and profanity.

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