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Time Out of Darkness
Time Out of Darkness

In Brompton Cemetery located in West London, UK you can find a mysterious mausoleum rumored to be a time machine. Dark stories of its origins have fueled the imaginations of thousands over the years. Each story transports you to the mausoleum where your journey begins. Mary Shelley’s League of Supernatural Hunters 1888. As Bram Stoker and Elijah Van Helsing fight an evil witch, Bram recalls the origin of the League, when Mary Shelley met her first monster, and where he hopes to find the answer to his new dilemma, waking up in 2014 New Orleans, Louisiana. Spellbound When a man of the 19th century finds himself asking for help from a white witch of the 21st-century comedy, mayhem, and romance ensue. Will Gideon choose to remain in the 21st century with Lucy or return to his own time to ensure history is not altered? A Charm of Grey CeCe was the timid daughter of a call girl in the Storyville district of New Orleans until fate swept her into London and a secret society organized and protected by the crown of England. When King Edward VII’s life is put in jeopardy, the society must use everything in their power to save him — even if it means allowing CeCe to use voodoo. The Bitter Taste of Time An elderly woman still mourning the death of a son who died at the Somme encounters a man with a fascinating tale of time travel. As he weaves a tale over tea, she allows herself to believe the impossible and contemplates giving up everything she has for one last moment with the son she so dearly loved.

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