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Adam Frankenstein Short StoriesThough Mary didn’t name the Frankenstein creature Adam, it is the only name associated with him in the novel. It was said she referred to the creature as Adam during book signings and talks. I call him “Adam” because he is the first man created by man. A man who hoped to mimic the powers of God.

My Adam Frankenstein is based on the Mary Shelley novel, not from any of the movies. He is a lonely, sympathetic creature with the capacity to love and to kill.

In my own mythology, Adam is immortal. He was created through science and magic. Because he can’t die he believes he has no soul to take. At the beginning of Adam’s life he was bitter and he’d take any job offered to him. Over time he learned lessons from his experiences.

Imagine being created and not born. You have no family. No friends. Everyone who encounters you wants to kill you or run away from you. You are completely alone.

How would your personality develop?

The short stories are experiences Adam has that teach him something. In Frankenstein’s Companion, Adam finds something more valuable than money. An immortal dog, Bella. Love.

In Marked we see his heart soften when he is tasked to keep a dying little girl safe.

Each story shows Adam’s progress.

In my mythology, Adam is put together with the parts of dead people, but his body is primarily that of a famous circus strongman. The strongman worked as security during other events, including the lion show. When things go wrong during the show, Adam tries to save the lion tamer. Not only does that cost him his life, but parts of him were eaten or destroyed and had to be replaced.

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