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Sheila English

I believe it's important to give back and to be supportive

There are many organizations I believe in and donate to or participate with, but these three represent some that are very near and dear to my heart.

Even if you can’t make a donation, please stop by and show your support by liking their social media or sharing something about them on yours.

You can also show your support by sharing your own story! Beneath the listing of each of the three organizations I support you can see a SHARE YOUR STORY and READ THE STORIES buttons. One allows you to share your personal story. The other brings you to the page where the story of others are there to read and comment on. You are not alone. Someone is there for you. And you are there for someone else. Please do share your story or comment on those who have shared theirs.

Thank You!


Mara Farms Image

Mara Farms Sanctuary is very near and dear to my heart. I love the mini pigs and all the amazing work they do there with saving farm animals. I’ve actually been to the farm many times and see all the hard work they do. I’m proud to support such an amazing organization.


Do you have stories of interesting sanctuaries you’ve visited or supported? Maybe you work at a sanctuary? Feel free to share your story! And of course, I encourage people to read the stories others share.

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I was a member of LOP for years and remain in touch with them even though I moved away. This is a group that gets things done. They save lives. They change lives. For all the pet lovers out there, I recommend this Kentucky based rescue group!


via PayPal to

You can donate via their Amazon Wish list at

Do you have a rescue story? Did you rescue your pet or did he/she rescue you?

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Support of soldiers

I have participated in sending books to deployed soldiers ever since my first print book came out. From Christine Feehan to Karen Rose, so many bestselling authors donate books and other items to send to soldiers, especially around the holiday.

You can donate money, but you can also donate stamps, books, or even adopt a soldier! Contact Kelley Granzow at – to Donate

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Cancer really pisses me off. It took my grandmother, two step mothers, and so many of my dear friends that the thought of listing them all breaks my heart.

I invite you to share your story of your experience with cancer. Maybe it’s your personal story. Maybe it’s about someone else you care about, or someone who impacted your life? Your story may be the one that inspires someone to donate, or teaches them something about this terrible disease that they didn’t know before.


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