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After Mary Shelley died, Adam Frankenstein left her League of Supernatural Hunters. But when asked to work under contract, he was happy to take their money. Someone was experimenting on New Orleans’ homeless, and Adam’s mission was to find them. An easy job until he discovered the League’s star scientist, Dr. Laura Wells’ hidden lab and inhumane experiments.
When Wells escaped, Adam tracked her to Houston. Undercover as a U.S. Marshal he would capture the elusive doctor and recover the stolen works of Dr. Moreau. Hellhounds and werewolves weren’t something Adam feared. There was little the immortal creature found shocking after over 200 years. But he knew trouble when he saw it.
U.S. Marshal Rebecca Hughes was determined, brave and dangerous in ways Adam hadn’t expected. She knew only the world of men. He knew the secret world of monsters, and would do anything to keep her safe from it. When their worlds merge, each will need the other to be their greatest weapon.


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