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Loving Gothic Fiction Reviews!

There’s something extremely satisfying and inspiring when you find you’ve won someone over who was initially skeptical. I do realize that writing Gothic fiction means not everyone will be interested. Some people feel I’m writing fan fiction, which I don’t agree with, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Gothic fiction is more of a “feeling” you get than a template. Yes, there’s usually a scary castle or manor and you get the feeling of being haunted whether there are ghosts or not. It’s dark and romantic and I love to both read and write it.

Jane Eyre is a Gothic. Wuthering Heights is also Gothic. There are many stories you might not realize are considered Gothic, but they are. Frankenstein is an easy one to tie to Gothic fiction.

So, when I saw this review that out-right states they started a bit skeptical but ended up loving the book I want to celebrate that! I’m so happy!

Reviews are important to authors. They are truly helpful. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write a review for any of my work.

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