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Storytelling Through Art

A couple of years ago I discovered a love for digital art. I’ve done photography for years.  I’ve never done professional photography, just stuff for myself, but I feel I was relatively good at it, just not an expert. But, then I saw some digital art on etsy that I loved and thought I would take original photographs and then alter them into art.

I’m super excited about the artwork. I now have a page on my website just for my art-

Currently, I’m working on a set of Gothic-themed artwork. I have the art on my Instagram and sometimes I ask people who follow me to help me choose the piece that will go on my artist site.

I wanted to share some of the artwork on my blog.

English A Once And Future City
Taken of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. A magical place like nowhere else on earth.


I took a picture of the Golden Game Bridge in 2019. I love San Francisco and go there as often as I can.





English Words Matter
An old Royal typewriter reminds us some words aren’t easily taken back. So if you say them, mean them.




I have a typewriter collection and took several typewriters with me for photographs and later, to digitally enhance the image. This was taken at the Headlands in Fort Bragg, CA. I blacked out the background and highlighted the typewriter for a lonely effect.



English Violent Survival
The carcass of a raccoon found in the forest, a victim of the circle of life. Death is art.


This started out as a photograph of a dead raccoon’s carcass I came across while walking my dog. I took a picture of the skull and then layered it and colored it red through an app called Photoleap. I have several apps that I use, plus software like photoshop, but Photoleap is my favorite.






These are new and I’ve not decided which I’ll put on my artist website.





The fog rolls in across the forgotten cemetery where all you hear are the tap, tap, tap of an abandoned typewriter. Taken in Fort Bragg, CA.



I took this at the headlands in Fort Bragg where there is a tiny and ancient graveyard. I call this piece Horror-Novel.  Not only does the tombstone look evil, but the typewriter appears to be disintegrating… dying.





Soul Dolls
Dolls mean so many things; childhood, memory, play, happiness, horror.




Last, but not least are these dolls with a Photoleap filter that I’ve layered. Dolls can be scary in the right context.





I update my website periodically when I have enough new material to warrant that. I plan on continuing on with the Gothic theme, but from time to time I change things up, as with the Golden Gate Bridge which is more science fiction.

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