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The New Comic Cover for Demon’s Gate!

Fear Fest was released last year and did very well so I am super excited to share the release of the follow-up to Fear Fest – Demon’s Gate!

Demon’s Gate

Adam Frankenstein and his partner Rebecca shut down the gate with the help of Eli Van Helsing, Bram Stoker, and Victor Dracula. Not everyone they fought with or for lived. But, the gate was closed. The key was destroyed. Or was it? The final page of Fear Fest had our heroes discussing how the battle had been won, but if you look very close at the back of Rebecca’s neck you see the key was somehow transferred to her.

Now, our heroes are back and this time the villain Trillion wants that key no matter what it takes or who he has to kill.

I am still working on the comic script and hope to see Demon’s Gate finished by the end of February.

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